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Water Taxis Range

Probably the most comprehensive selection of latest designs in Water Taxis available today.


The Worldwide Water Taxi future is here Now !

Water covers nearly 75 Percent of the earth's surface


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Nearly 60% of E.U population live less than 15KM from a navigable inland waterway and most commuters will be stuck in traffic alongside these empty

waterways at peak times.


Some Lorries stuck in traffic in towns or in near stationery queues during peak times on motorways use as much as 1 gallon of fuel to cover only 5 miles!


Is this cost effective, eco-friendly, lowering carbon emissions or helping the environment in any way at all?


Water transport today can present strong cost-advantages. The transport network already exists naturally and often requires no or little improvement to

be functional. (Unlike the costs of new roads and road repairs so often heard about )


Large stretches of waterways have historically, been linked to man made cuttings and canals that were developed to carry heavy loads, when road

infrastructure and vehicles were not available for the task. Many of today’s cathedrals and towns would not have been built if not for inland water ways

and barges! Almost all inner waterways were given over to the new modes of land transport using the previously cheap internal combustion engine on

previously empty roads.


Waterways transport is one of the oldest economically and environmentally sustainable modes of transportation ,why are we not making more use of

our waterways?  

From the starter model ECO Trip Taxi to the fully equipped “Corporate Super Shuttle” bristling with High Tech fixtures and fittings for ALL corporate water excursions:


·          Exhibitions,

·          Incentives ,

·          Product launches ,

·          High impact advertising campaigns

·          Regular routes for “Inner City Personnel”   


We have the one to suit you !


Our Water Taxi Concept  


Our water Taxis have been designed and manufactured around a proven, dependable hull forms and sometimes  RIB (rigid inflatable boat) technology

together with the availability of emerging new engine technologies that are more acceptable to the environmental issues.

The relatively low capital cost of our Water taxis models offers exceptional economic income.

Efficiency in its speed of operation and high payload passenger carrying capacity ensures a lucrative return on investment.


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