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Latest News


 Exciting Changes to Water Transportation


The XS Marine catamarans are built from authentic HYSUCAT®. Family of original moulds and design rights bought from Malan Conradie

of Stealth Designs SA .All foil designs are by Prof’ Hoppe of Hysucraft also of South Africa, and some new design and Marine architecture by

Gunter Migeotte of Icarus Design again South Africa based.

Automatic dynamic-trim-stabilization, through the Hydrofoil Surface Effect. The foils are totally "passive" and require no adjusting.

Up to 40% more efficient hull form compared to a similar size craft.

The fuel saving alone could total the monthly boat payments for cruising and fishing owners.

Longer range at much higher cruising speeds. The XS Marine 13 mtr Flybridge has a range of 740miles on its 345-gallon tank at 35MPH.

Rapid acceleration.

High top end speed. The XS Marine 13mtr Flybridge can reach 45+ knots fully loaded with amazing fuel efficiency.

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Lower maintenance cost, as the smaller motors are run at economical / optimum RPM.

Less noise with smaller motors at lower RPM.

Extremely comfortable and stable "soft" ride in rough sea conditions.

Excellent sea keeping abilities.

A level / horizontal ride add to the comfort and improve visibility while under way.

A dry ride, even in rough conditions.

A very small wash/wake is created as only inches of the hulls are in the water when cruising.

Sleek lines of a modern performance power boat.

The XS Marine HYSUCAT® will bank into the corner when turning, similar to a Monohull, as opposed to leaning away, as all other multihulls do.



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