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Possibly the best place to source Hydrofoiled watercraft for delivery around the world

RIB's including the Hy-su-cat foiled Hysucraft ribs & monohulll Rib,s

Millitary and commercial also available.

Workboats of all types a specialty

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Hysucat-8.5-Elan-sea-trails-012-2.jpg 250-side.jpg

                                                              Hysucraft RIB's                                                                                                                          Hy-su-cat Foiled Boats




                                    Hysucat-320-Mowasalat-2.png                     fast-ferry-25-side.jpg   

                        Work Boats                                                                                    Water Taxis                                                                                    Trip Boats & Ferries


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              Future craft Available now                                                        Home Build Kits                                                    Enforcement /Rescue


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                New Build Designs                                                            Tenders and Toys                                                    Amphibian Aircraft


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